Friday, 28 February 2014

Cochin Jewish wedding in 1966, by Dr. Rahamim Melamed Cohen.

One day from the ten days long Wedding function of Juliet Hallegua and Late Mr. Joseph (Johnny) Hallegua, was recorded by Dr. Rahamim Melamed Cohen which was edited with background music of Hindi songs. see it here

 Johnny and Juliet Hallegua
                                                              Photo courtesy: Juliet Hallegua             

 In 2011 i showed this video to Johnny uncle and Juliet auntie they were so happy to see their own wedding video after years.

After 48 years with Dr. Rahamim's permission video was edited with help of my friends Sarath Kottikal and Lemons Churchill. Original Cochin Jewish wedding songs and traditional Kerala instrumental music were used to give life back to this video.

When the edited video was screened as a part of myexhibition elders from the community started singing the songs along with video, the person who operated the video paused the video en route, Sarah Cohen and others continued singing the song. The scene went so emotional for them... and it was really emotional...

Special thanks to Gad Hakimi and Thaha Ibrahim for your support