About me

I am a Muslim Hebrew calligrapher hails from Cochin, India. Born and bought up in a typical Malabari Muslim family, I was very much attracted to the Arabic calligraphy I have tried copying it as I was basically a child with artistic skills. Later on I developed my skill in writing. The mention about Torah in Quran made me curious to learn about Jewish scripture and later it turned into the artistic portion of it, calligraphy….

Torah scroll along with a miniature Torah scroll.My first work.

Few Hebrew calligraphic works of mine

I do calligraphy in Hebrew, Arabic, Syrian, Samaritan, Aramaic, Sanskrit and English. My  contribution to the Hebrew and Arabic calligraphy by creating Hebrew alphabets in Kufic Arabic style, received got many appraisals and more are contacting me for bringing it up. And this is first of its kind.

Birkat ha bayit, Hebrew written in Arabic Kufic style.

My attempts towards the anatomic calligraphy in Hebrew alphabet was a success and anatomic calligraphy of Magen David is my favorite.

A Bar mitzvah gift made by me.

My works were featured in some newspapers, magazines and websites 

Find it here >>>

Here is a link to my story which tells how i got in touch with the Jewish community of Cochin..My story


  1. Do you sell or license digital images of your work? I create custom prayer books and am interested in a few. Generally for short run, one time use with artist credits included on images...not commercially sold.

  2. What is your moibile number. I need to communicate with you.

  3. How can I contact you to commission a piece? I would like the word "hope" in Syriac for a refugee project.

    1. Dear Patrice,

      You can mail me the details...


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  4. Sir,
    I am a final year B.Tech student who is having a late realization on how little I have valued my state's past, art and culture. As it is always better to be late than never my friends and myself are developing a short duration video on our legendary history.
    In connection with this we happened to learn about your work on Jews of Malabar and would like to have an appointment with you to get an insight to your work which will also help us in our data collection.
    Hoping to here from you soon.

  5. Hi, it's fascinating to find this blog. I plan to visit Cochin in December in order to write an article on the Jewish community there. I will come with my brother, who is a photographer. I would like to know if you could help me organise an interview with someone from the community, or even with yourself. Would that be possible? I'd be very grateful. Many thanks.